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When the Universe Speaks, Listen

What would you think if your attention was suddenly drawn to a specific set of numbers? Would you know what it meant and most of all why it was supposed to mean anything at all? Or, there’s a picture or a phrase that pops out on a page that you’d normally just pass over. Could you interpret what it was you were supposed to be seeing or even if there was something to be seen?


Situations like this can happen on any day at any given random moment, but because they seem so out or the ordinary and not readily understood, most people just chalk it up to coincidence and go about their way completely missing potentially valuable points of spiritual insight.

This is what happens when the universe speaks, it says, “Hey, something significant is coming your way, here’s a little hint.” In-other-words, you may not have a conscious awareness of the whole picture but since attention is focused in the right direction, here’s a piece of the puzzle to work with. The only problem is that the Universe doesn’t always speak the way we expect it to and most of the time the message can be a little obscure to what makes sense.

Another way of looking at universal communication is in a manner of the synchronous and asynchronous relationships we have with the world we live in. Each of us in our own special way has a unique persona we’ve developed through the way we’ve come to expect the world to be and how we see ourselves in it. This role has been carefully crafted by our interactions with the environment, culture, religion, schooling and many other numerous script warehouses we’ve visited along the way.

As these scripts have evolved, so has our sense of spiritual connectedness. When we start sensing that our spiritual connections have become garbled it’s usually the result of scripts becoming inadequate or outdated. In this case we can say then that we have, in a sense, fallen into an asynchronous relationship with the universe. Likewise, when we update and acquire healthier scripts more in line with our living productively, our relationship with the universe could then be viewed as synchronous.

The eminent psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung was a great proponent of the phenomenon of synchronicity. In fact, Dr Jung started researching the subject early on in his career in the 1920s and after 31 year of collecting date, fully disclosed his findings in 1951. Jung coined the word synchronicity to describe what he called “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” Jung also variously described synchronicity as an “acausal connecting principle”, “meaningful coincidence” and “acausal parallelism”. [Casement, Ann, “Who Owns Jung?”, Karnac Books, 2007. ISBN 1-85575-403-7. Cf. page 25.]

Within the same venue of research Jung additionally coined the phrase “collective unconscious” which he referred to as a collective reservoir of all individuals within a given species. [C. G. Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (London 1996) p. 43] Universal communication is similar to Jung’s definition of collective unconscious; however, for the purposes of this article it differs primarily in the spiritual quality that encompasses our greater awareness and interconnectedness with the universe as a whole.

Numbers and Synchronicity
Numbers are a very common element in synchronicity. They can appear in sets, alone or in combination with other elements such as a phrase or picture. If a specific number keeps popping up, more than likely the communication has something to do with a measurable event such as a date, period of time, quantity, or less often size.

There are many schools of thought regarding the frequency of numbers and their symbolic meanings. Most of these theories are very good; however, it should be noted that synchronicity is a profoundly personal experience and as such, the individual should first attempt to tie their symbolism into a more subjective level of understanding. That is to say, first and foremost, “What does this mean to me and how can I incorporate this with what I know.”

If, the subjective approach fails to yield an adequate explanation, then try a more “collective” approach of its meaning. Collective refers to societies mutually agreed upon definitions; in this case the symbolism associated with numerology. Even if you’ve managed to satisfy the symbolic meaning through external research, it is still important to step back and see how it relates within a more personal level of awareness.

Example: The number 11 keeps popping up and for some reason it keys into you as important. Nothing you can remember or recall seems to make any sense as to why it should be important. After researching the numerology definition you find that the number 11 is a master number for intuition. Still it seems like something’s missing from the equation. You don’t see yourself as intuitive and there just doesn’t seem to be anything you need to be intuitive about.

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