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2006 Mid-Season NBA Breakdown of the Denver Nuggets

What has changed:In the 05′ portion of this 05-06 season it was the Jazz and T’Wolves who were leading the division. But since Camby and Martin cam back from injury it’s been a different story and the Nuggets are now the division leader. 918kiss

Carmelo Anthony is having a great year. His 26 PPG is keeping them alive. Often the Nugget’s chances in some of their games come down to whether or not Anthony can score 30. Also having an All-Star type season is Marcus Camby whose 14.8 points, 12 rebounds, 1.52 steals and 3 blocks are certainly more impressive than Yao Ming’s. Andre Miller is forth in APG and Earl Boykins is scoring 13 off the bench/.

Up until they took control of the division Denver had serious injury issues. Camby and Martin have missed 32 games and backup PF Nene is out for the year. An area where injuries have destroyed them is 3-pt shooting. Voshon Leonard and Bryon Russell were supposed to be the wingmen for Miller and Carmelo to dish to. Except that both Russell and Leonard have missed a combined 95 games and the Nuggets are the second-worst team in the League at shooting the 3.

And while their offense is very productive at times it becomes rather easy to defend them. Carmelo, Miller and Boykins are the only players on the team who can create their offense. Add that Camby and Martin don’t create their own points and they have no one to shoot the 3 and it’s a matter shutting down Carmelo to allow guys like Francisco Elson to beat them.

Denver is involved with many trade rumors. Kenyon Martin and Earl Watson have been on the trading block since the start of the year. Watson in particular was signed simply for a trade since the team already had Earl Boykins and Andre Miller. Some of the teams they’re talking to are the Magic for Francis and the Knicks for Crawford or Frye.

The Nuggets are 3rd in the NBA in PPG and get 23.2 assists. But their offense is only from a few guys. The same goes for their defense, which would be great if it wasn’t just Martin or Camby. Perhaps they could make a move shortly after the break. Denver should have enough to make the playoffs but will struggle to stay atop their division.


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